Board Members

Ricky Wiatt President  815-4790  [email protected]
Charlie Crittenden
Vice President Softball / Coaching Coordinator
 725-9832 [email protected]
Robin Dehoux
Concession Stand Coordinator  815-2080 [email protected]
Rachel DehouxVP of Machine Pitch & T-ball / Player Agent 384-8038[email protected]
Robert Hudgins
Lead Facilities Coordinator
 725-8562 [email protected]
Ray Church
Assistant Facilities Coordinator  725-8399 [email protected]
Frances Hubbard VP of Baseball / Picture Coordinator
  [email protected]
Vicky Pruitt
Treasurer  815-8210 [email protected]
Carey Hogge
Secretary / Information Officer  725-1485 [email protected]
Eugene Jones
UIC / Assistant Coaching Coordinator
 854-8988 [email protected]
Stacy Hudgins Sponsorship / Uniforms Coordinator
 815-2801[email protected] 
Melissa Moughon Executive VP / Fundraising Coordinator  694-6552 [email protected]
Josh ThomasSafey Officer [email protected]m
Kevin HorsleyEquipment Manager 832-5770[email protected] 

Local Sponsors

Mathews County Little League

Ricky Wiatt - President, PO Box 1001
Mathews, Virginia 23109

Phone: 804-815-4790

Email: [email protected]